The leaders of the Municipal Commission of letters and commissions inspected our Shiyan production base

On the morning of September 29th, Guo Limin, director of Shenzhen economic and trade and informatization Committee, led the relevant department heads to come to our Baoan Shiyan production base for safe productionInspection and guidance. Our report to the chairman of the whole plan Lukin gun and production production base to Guo director, introduced the production base for urban leisure agricultureDevelopment orientation of production base of pollution-free agricultural products. And the measures taken in the aspects of safety production

Inspection and quality control, so as to ensure that the production base can be produced orderly according to the targetFor the public to provide safe products and leisure places to play light.Director Guo Limin and his party visited the vegetable Park, planting asparagus

Park, grape production Park, picking experience Park, on the production of planting, inspection, processing and selling.Links were asked in detail. Certainly the positioning and development direction of our production base, and the future development of urban leisure agriculture have high hopes, we must do a good job safety instructionsProduction and quality safety work to protect consumer health. Our leadership said that the company must live up to the expectations of leaders at all levels and the general public, and do their best to do a good job in productionThe base work, continue to improve the level of safety in production, assume the responsibility and obligation of enterprises, to contribute to the public should have better products and services.